Jasper Summit


Jasper Summit is extremely flexible as a brand. We have shown it as an outdoorsy brand in ‘Jasper’ and then as a clothing company as ‘Summit’, although we could also picture this brand in a more corporate scene too. The Icon for this logo works really well to take many forms depending on what you pair it up with; for example it could be a row of tents, mountains, trees,  houses or upward arrows showing progression.

Perfect for:

  • Adventure and activities
  • Outdoor sports and recreation
  • Clothing
  • Architect
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Agency
  • Consultancy

*Brands are shown in imitation mock scenes to show how printed products may look and to avoid plagiarism. Actual Downloadable files are level and face on.*

No print is included in this package. You will receive print ready files of your chosen brand and are responsible for all print costs you incur in the future.

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All text and number are editable, you also get to pick the colour of your new Brand. We provide one free round of revisions with this logo. For more information, check our process.


  1. Logo with icon (V1)
  2. Logo font (V2)
  3. Logo Font with border (V3)
  4. Logo submark/watermark
  5. Business cards print ready files for 2 users. (each additional print ready version needed after the 2 included with this brand will be subject to a fee of $10 per print ready file charged seporatley from this brand).
  6. Letterhead with business address print ready file.
  7. One free Tweet from our Twitter account scheduled at your choice to make your new brand known across our followers!

*Logo can have a speckled affect or be completely clean as shown in both ‘Jasper’ and ‘Summit’ mockups. If no background art is supplied or wanted. The white logo overlay shown on the print files can and will be delivered in your chosen logo colour on top of a white background.*

You will receive large high quality files as well as social media ready logo images. We will happily supply you with a colour, colour reverse and a black & white version of your logo.

All font files, stock photography and printing services are not included in any purchase from The Brand Cave. All payments are made via PayPal. Please review our process and our Terms & Conditions before purchase.

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