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You’ve got an awesome idea for a business. How do we know? Because you’re here. You need a unique, professional brand and you need it kind of now. Get ready to fall in love with your new identity, we’ve got a bunch of pretty nifty designs waiting for you. We believe entrepreneurship is a force for good, that’s the reason here at The Brand Cave we make it simple for people like you to get started.  So what are you waiting for?

Icons showing the variety of sectors available to purchase in our ready made brands and logos
Pick ready made brands and logos from the brand cave

Be like a kid in a (design) candy shop. 40+ logos and brands ready and waiting for you to pick your ideal one. Check out our shop to see the full range of designs, mocked up with the kind of businesses we think they would work best for. Once you’ve popped your chosen designs in your basket and checked out, we’ll send you over a customisation form and contract for your new brand. Simply complete the form, ping it back to us, and we’ll get started on it pronto. Now sit back and relax, the hard work is done.

Personalise ready made brands and logos from the brand cave

The best thing about our designs? They’re unique. And once they’re gone, they’re gone. From the moment you buy your logo or brand, it disappears from our shop and is yours, and only yours, forever. No need to pay a penny more. Once we receive your customisation form back we’ll give your design the final touches to make it just right for you. Tweak the colours to your preference, or keep the ones it was created with. The final step is to change the text to suit and you’re good to go. Quick and simple.

Present ready made brands and logos from the brand cave

Once we’ve worked our design magic, we’ll return your new design to you and you’re ready to go! No re-jigging or re-sizing needed, everything will be formatted automatically for you to use web, print, and social media. We’ll even throw in a guide on how to use your brand to it’s best ability and squeeze the most out of it’s value (we’re nice like that). So what are you waiting for? Time waits for no man (or #GirlBoss). Get started on your big idea now, because we can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve.

The key to success is to start BEFORE you're ready.

Marie Forleo


The success of a brand is not just how it looks on paper, it’s how well it weaves through all of the different platforms of your business that really matters. We design our brands with the future of your business in mind, so it works well for all possible purposes. Whether it’s on a baseball cap, a vehicle or for print, our logos will blend seamlessly between uses.


All of our brands and logo’s are only sold once, once bought your brand is yours and nobody else’s. We aren’t a ‘one logo fit’s all’ kind of business, each logo is designed from a lightbulb moment with a particular feel and use in mind, in trust that it will find it’s perfect home with you and your business. They are created to be unique and one of a kind, personal to you.

Premium and professional

We create professional brands with premium features already included. Social media is now the primary platform to interact with customers. Yet when you get a logo designed, you often don’t receive images suitable for use on your social media profiles. We give you specifically created images, for each different social media platform, to make your profiles pop!

Quick and easy

We know how it is with new businesses, you’re so pumped about your new business idea, until you hit the hurdle of branding. It will definitely take weeks, if not months to receive your completed branding, and you don’t want to stop the momentum you have going. With us there’s no hesitation around brand ideas and no waiting for replies or revisions. Choose your brand and you will have it back to you complete within days.


We have created ready to go brands, so you know what you’re getting, and how much it’s going to cost before you buy. How? Because we have a clear idea from the start about the brand, we don’t waste our time with back and forth emails, only to find out you don’t really know what you want. All that you want is something that looks great. Time is money and here at the brand cave we don’t waste time!

Pantone colours

Along with your brand pack we provide you with your brand colours in both CMYK and Pantone. Pantone is basically a standardized colour system, and it’s super important because its a system that printers can use to guarantee that your brand colours are always printed the same, whether printed in Toronto or Marrakech.

You miss 100%
of the shots
you don't take

Wayne Gretzky

If opportunity
doesn't knock,
Build a door.

Milton Berle

The way to get
started is to quit
talking & begin

Walt Disney

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